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“World’s Greatest!…” is a fast- paced tour around the world featuring behind- the -scenes footage and interviews with some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations that the world has to offer!

Currently, in its 8th season of production, “World’s Greatest!..” is a half- hour show that focuses on telling “the story behind the story.” Our goal is to provide our viewers with what we like to call “edutainment,” meaning that our show is not only educational and informative, but it’s also entertaining as well. Our goal is to provide our viewers with an in-depth look at the products they know and the products they never knew existed.


Woodard: “World’s Greatest!…” Furniture



While I can’t speak for the rest of my co-workers here at “World’s Greatest,” I know that when I think of custom furniture, I think of the movie The Notebook. I think of Noah sitting in his barn drinking a beer and carving out a chair, and I’ll tell you what, if that movie was real, he would have been the “World’s Greatest” in my book. Since, that movie wasn’t real and his business wasn’t practical, I will allow Woodard to carry the title of “World’s Greatest.”

Woodard is an amazingly detail oriented company that produces products that are “loyal to the timeless art of quality furniture design and construction.” By using hand forming and high- tech manufacturing techniques, they are able to provide furniture that will stand the test of time. Their products are built from Wrought Iron, Aluminum, All Seasons Wicker, and more! They are able to carry such a loaded title, because they focus on designs, materials, and construction that surpass all of the industry standards.

                                       Woodard on World's Greatest TV

Werner Enterprises: Driving All Over the World



When I am expecting a delivery, it feels like I am a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to drop off my present.I don’t care if it’s something as simple as a  wedding invitation or something as extravagant as a brand new TV, there is something exciting about opening up something that has just been delivered to your house or office. Have you ever stopped to think about what had to happen for that delivery to end up at your door?

We recently did a segment on the “World’s Greatest!…” logistics company. We wanted to find a company that wasn’t necessarily the biggest, but the best. We wanted to know that they had high customer satisfaction, they were efficient, and they had a good reputation among the business. That’s when we found Werner Enterprises. Founded in 1956, Werner is a transportation and logistics company in North America, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. They have everything from freight management, truck brokerage, inter modal, international services, temperature controlled vans, flatbed services, medium to long haul services, customs brokerage, and freight forwarding. Check them out!

                                                 Werner Enterprises on World's Greatest TV

Thierica: Excellent Quality & Customer Service, Energy Savings & Making Everyone Else Look Bad



As a Michigander myself, I love any success story that starts in the Mitten state. Founded by two brothers in Grand Rapids, MI in 1945, Thierica started as a small paint tooling company. Today, they have three divisions in Michigan, Tennessee and Mexico, but more importantly, they are a world leader in the design, manufacturing, instillation and custom finishing systems!


Thierica Segment on World's Greatest



ProSonix: Inhaling Our Future



We are a society utterly dependent on medication. If we have a cold, we head to the pharmacy for $60 worth of cold remedies. If someone has ADD, we give them Adderall. If you’re depressed, there is a pill for that too. While, there is nothing wrong with taking medicine to feel better, there are just so many different medications and so many different pharmaceutical companies. How do we pick just one company that can be considered the “World’s Greatest?”

We wanted to pick a company that was not only an innovator, and a leader, but most importantly a helper. That’s when we found ProSonix. As someone familiar with asthma, I know how scary it can be to not be able to breathe. There is no worse feeling in the world than not being able to catch your breath. That’s why what ProSonix is doing is so important. They are an innovative Pharmaceutical company that has built it’s reputation by developing a portfolio of inhaled Respiratory Medicines by Design. Check them out below!


                                                      ProSonix on World's Greatest

CGI Motion Showing Us What Genius Looks Like


A company like CGI didn’t have to work very hard to show us why they are the “World’s Greatest!…” The knowledge and precision that this company puts into everything that they do is mind boggling! This was an interesting segment to watch, because not only did we learn a lot, but we got to see just how far technology has come. Serving a wide array of industries, CGI provides industrial automation, general motion control, medical semi- conductor and aerospace industries. Basically, it’s just a business overflowing with geniuses. Don’t take our word for it though, take a look at their segment!

                                           CGI Motion Featured on World's Greatest